Reasonable Use Threshold Policy

An Eastsound Water membership entitles a member to reasonable water use, based on the memberships IU’s they own. The Board has determined that allowable water use should not exceed 100,000 gal/IU per year. In such cases where a membership exceeds the allowable threshold of 100,000 gal/IU in a calendar year, Eastsound Water will give the member two options.

1. Pay Surplus Water Fees: Eastsound Water will apply a surcharge of $20 per 1000 gal to all water use in excesses of the allowable threshold. This surcharge is in addition to all other normal service fees paid. Eastsound Water provides members the ability to monitor their water use on their bill statement, at the meter and online via their EyeOnWater account where they can program automated leak alerts. Therefore, this surcharge applies regardless of the circumstances of how or why the water was caused to go through the water meter.

2. Upgrade The Membership: The member may choose to upgrade their membership with additional IUs sufficient that future water use is unlikely to exceed the allowable use threshold. Eastsound Water will provide a member a one-time opportunity to upgrade their membership at a 50% discount of the normal new membership fee. Further, Eastsound Water will offer existing members a 4 year, 3% payment plan on these membership upgrades. Surplus water fees will be applied to the cost of membership upgrade for the first exceedance of the allowable water use threshold.

Please Note:

  • Memberships taking advantage of this upgrade discount are not eligible for participation in a membership transfer for a period of 5 years.
  • Members may purchase not more than 4 ERU’s at the 50% discount.
  • The purpose of this program is to help members upgrade membership in excess of the allowable threshold.
  • This program does not apply to new membership sales.