Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked of EWUA are organized into four easy-access categories. For direct access, click one of the category links below. Click on each question to reveal the answer.

Where is Eastsound Water’s service available?

Our service area is shown on the Eastsound Water Service Area Map.

What is the “fire flow capacity” of your fire hydrants?

San Juan County code requires fire hydrants provide 500 GPM (gallons per minute) of flow without diminishing water pressure below 20 PSI. EWUA has over 120 fire hydrants that meet or exceed this standard. EWUA has color coded our fire hydrants to indicate flow rates.

Does EWUA have enough capacity to serve its service area?

Yes, EWUA has adequate capacity to meet our existing membership commitments and has the water rights and plans to provide for the future needs of our service area.

Does EWUA sell “bulk water”? Can I fill a truck from EWUA?

Yes, we do sell bulk water in certain circumstances. Please contact us to learn about our options.

How do I read my water meter?

Instructions for reading your meter are on the Meter Reading page. Also take a look at EyeOnWater to monitor your water usage.

How do I hook up to EWUA?

It is best to call us at 360-376-2127 to assist with this process. We will help you with the following process:

  1. Determine if your property is in the EWUA service area.
  2. Determine if an existing EWUA water main abuts your property, or if a main extension is required.
  3. Secure an EWUA membership.
  4. Request a “Hook Up”, and go through the hydraulic evaluation process to properly size and plan your service. (Hook up fee is due at this stage.)
  5. EWUA staff complete the hook up and have a contractor bring your new water line to your development.

Why does San Juan County require new development in the EWUA service area to connect to EWUA?

To comply with Washington’s Growth Management Act, San Juan County asked EWUA to develop the capacity to serve the future growth planned in Eastsound. EWUA agreed to do so, on the condition that the growth in Eastsound would actually purchase and use the capacity the water system would develop. This was important to protecting our existing members from funding capacity development for others.

What are the sources of EWUA’s water?

Approximately 50% of our water comes from Purdue Lake, located on Buck Mountain. The remainder comes from six wells located throughout Eastsound. EWUA also has four additional wells that are currently “inactive” but will be brought online to meet future development. Eastsound is fortunate to have the redundancy of multiple sources.

Does EWUA add fluoride to the water supply?

NO, EWUA does not fluoridate the water. EWUA believes that individuals should determine if and how they consume fluoride.

Why does EWUA add chlorine to the water?

Approximately half of EWUA’s water comes from Purdue Lake. The Washington Department of Health requires that all water systems with “surface water” sources maintain a chlorine residual in their distribution system.

How can I remove the chlorine in the water?

You can let the chlorine evaporate from a container of water by letting it sit on the counter for a few hours, or you can use a “charcoal filter”. Filters are available as “point of use” or “whole house” options. EWUA also has a “filtered water” tap at our office office hours.

Is Eastsound Water’s water hard or soft?

EWUA has a variety of sources which vary in hardness. EWUA’s water is commonly found to be moderately hard.

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