Membership Agreement


Impact Units

This Membership Agreement describes the duties and obligations of Eastsound Water Users Association (Eastsound Water) and the Water User  who connects to Eastsound Water for the purposes of obtaining water. San Juan County has designated Eastsound Water as the sole provider of water within the Eastsound Water service area. As the sole provider of water, Eastsound Water is obligated to provide water, insomuch as it has the capacity to do so, to all consumers of water within the service area, and to do so without discrimination.

Eastsound Water is a member-owned cooperative. Eastsound Water acts through an elected Board of Directors, which manages the affairs of the cooperative. All revenues are used to provide water to Members within the service area while maintaining and operating the system in compliance with applicable legal standards.



  • Water User: Any individual or legal entity authorized to obtain water through an Eastsound Water
  • Member: A Water User whose application for membership in Eastsound Water has been accepted by the Board of
  • Membership: The Members collectively as a group, which acts through an elected board of
  • Impact Units: A term used by Eastsound Water to allocate the costs of developing water system capacity and the costs of operating  and maintaining the water
  • ERU: A term used by the Washington Department of Health when determining the total water capacity available to Eastsound Water.

Requirements of a Membership Agreement

  1. There will be one unique Membership Agreement for each tax parcel for which Eastsound Water delivers
  2. The applicant must own the described property and it must be within the Eastsound Water service
  3. A Membership Agreement requires approval by the Board at a regular meeting or by such persons as the Board may
  4. The applicant will provide a notarized easement for any and all Eastsound Water water system infrastructure on their property  on forms supplied by Eastsound Water. The easement will be recorded by Eastsound Water.

Duties of Eastsound Water

  1. Eastsound Water will provide water to each Member of the Cooperative as equitably, without discrimination, and in compliance with applicable safe drinking water regulations and its water system
  2. Eastsound Water will provide notice to all Members of any changes in the Bylaws and Operating
  3. Members may use as much water as desired, and can afford, provided they pay the applicable rates and charges set by the Operating Rules, and provided that the system as a whole can supply the needs of all Members. The Eastsound Water Board may adopt temporary water use restrictions in response to system emergencies, drought, or other interruption to a water source or water quality

Duties of the Member

  1. The Member will pay all applicable fees and charges as outlined in the Eastsound Water Operating
  2. The Member will pay all water use service charges based on the rate structure outlined in the Eastsound Water Operating The Operating Rules include the current Water User rate structure and the Reasonable Water User Threshold policy.
  3. The Member acknowledges that the rates and fees may change during the lifetime of this Membership
  4. The Member will immediately contact Eastsound Water if the Member discovers any problem with the Eastsound Water infrastructure,   including tanks, lines, and
  5. The Member will install and maintain equipment to protect all Members from any contamination of the water system from the Member’s connection. This includes backflow protection and shut off valves on the Member side of the connection to Eastsound Water.
  6. The Member agrees to only take water from fixtures downstream of the Eastsound Water water meter associated with this Membership Agreement. NOTICE: This provision is a health & safety issue. A member violating this provision endangers the health and safety of water delivered to all other
  7. The Member will keep or allow Eastsound Water to maintain all water line easements on their property in a grassy and/or gravel  covered state and will keep the meter setting accessible and free from plant
  8. The Member will provide all water related fixtures downstream of the meter that are necessary to modify the water service to meet the Member specific (i.e. booster pumps, pressure relief valves, water filters, etc.).
  9. The Member is obligated to pay all costs associated with system improvements or modifications that are necessary to serve their property including the extension of distribution mains along the property’s Eastsound Water may choose to act as the lead contractor for any water system improvements required to provide service to the Member. Any water system improvements must use Eastsound Water methods, materials, and meet WA DOH and Eastsound Water standards. Any costs incurred to provide service or create service conditions satisfactory to the Member shall be borne by the Member. The Member is solely responsible for their actions and the actions of their contractors insofar as they affect any part of the water system.
  10. The Member agrees to allow Eastsound Water to conduct inspection, maintenance, and repair activities on their property insofar as Eastsound Water infrastructure is located on their
  11. The Member agrees to complete a Cross Connection Control Survey prior to the activation of service and to conform to any applicable requirement of Eastsound Water’s Cross Connection Control The presence of a well, an alternative water source, or a Cross Connection hazard on the property will require a backflow protection assembly to be provided by owner.
  12. The Member acknowledges that Eastsound Water may take actions, including restrictions on service or termination of service to protect the Membership if the Member does not fulfill their duties to the Association.
  13. The Member will maintain full and current contact information with the

General Terms of this Agreement

  1. This Membership Agreement is entitled to one vote.
  2. Use of water in the Eastsound Water is conditional upon the availability of water. It is further conditional upon the terms of the Eastsound Water Bylaws, Eastsound Water Operating Rules, Eastsound Water Conditions of Service Governing the Use and Supply of Water, Eastsound Water Design and Construction Standards, the laws and regulations of San Juan County, and the State of Each of these may be amended in the future.
  3. The supply of water is governed by the availability of infrastructure, adequate water sources, production capability, and actions of the Washington Department of A connection to Eastsound Water does not guarantee that water will be supplied in accordance with the Member’s schedule.
  4. Through the general course of providing water, Eastsound Water will inspect, maintain, and repair Eastsound Water water infrastructure. As a result, service to the Member may be There may be temporary variations in water quality as a result of  treatment activities or minerals that exist in the raw waters.
  5. Eastsound Water will endeavor to meet or exceed all State water quality
  6. This Membership Agreement terminates on the sale or transfer of the property associated with this Agreement, a new allocation of Impact Units, or as specified in the Operating
  7. The San Juan County Fire Marshall should be consulted regarding San Juan County code specific to fire hydrant protection requirements for this If additional hydrant service is needed, consult with Eastsound Water to assist with planning.
  8. The Service Meter is/will be set at a location determined by Eastsound Water.