Catastrophic Leak Policy

Eastsound Water’s Catastrophic Leak Policy provides financial relief for members who receive high water bills due to a significant failure of private water lines. Eastsound Water members are responsible for the water lines starting at their side of our water meter setter.

The Eastsound Water General Manager will consider written petitions for bill reductions due to catastrophic events on a case-by-case basis. Catastrophic leaks are defined as those that are unforeseeable, unpreventable, and difficult to detect. Ruptured pipes can be catastrophic.

Forgetting to turn off the garden hose is not a catastrophic leak. Leaks that result from the failure to perform maintenance activities on plumbing equipment such as toilets, frost-proof hose bibs and pressure reducing valves are not considered catastrophic leaks either.

To qualify for a reduction of a high water use bill, Members must provide evidence that substantive and permanent changes have occurred that will likely prevent a reoccurrence of a water loss event. A spot repair of a weak pipe is not likely to prevent a future leak somewhere else in that line. Complete replacement of the offending service line using materials recommended by Eastsound Water is considered a substantive and permanent change.

How your reduced billing may be calculated: The reduced bill will be calculated by taking your current base rate plus 50% of the surplus water consumption cost for the leak period. Dispensation not to exceed $2,500.

How to apply for a reduce bill after a catastrophic leak: Please complete the Catastrophic Leak Relief Application form below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

In additional to providing catastrophic leak relief, we can also provide a payment plan option for payment for up to 6 months.

Conditions for Relief:

  1. The customer’s account with Eastsound Water must be in good standing at the time of the incident to be eligible for catastrophic leak considerations.
  2. Catastrophic leak applications do not supersede Eastsound Water’s billing policies. Members are expected to continue to make timely payment of their normal service fees while their leak request is pending. Staff are happy to assist in determining “normal service fees” if there is any uncertainty.
  3. Under no circumstance will a reduced bill be less than the highest bill presented to the customer within the last 24 months.
  4. Water loss that continues more than 5 days after identification of the leak is not eligible for dispensation under this policy.
  5. Members are eligible for consideration under the Catastrophic Leak policy only once in a 3-year period.
  6. Members may appeal the General Manager’s decision to the Eastsound Water Board of Directors within 60 days of notification.
  7. Eastsound Water’s members must submit Catastrophic Leak Applications. Tenants are not eligible for consideration.


Catastrophic Leak Relief Application

Please complete the form below to apply for catastrophic leak relief. We will review your request and get back to you with a response.

Catastrophic Leak Application
Service Address of Leak
Service Address of Leak
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