Eastsound Water General Manager Transition

Nov 24, 2020 | Conservation, Information

Paul Kamin Retires from Eastsound Water User Association After 15 Years of Service

Dan Burke to Lead Association as New General Manager

On November 24, 2020, Eastsound Water User Association (EWUA) announced that General Manger Paul Kamin will be retiring from service on December 31st, 2020. Dan Burke, a long-time islander and former Rock Island Senior Vice President is taking his place.

“Paul’s written communications always include the words ‘In the Spirit of Service’ in his signature line. His tenure as General Manger positively reflects that attitude in every dimension. Of his many noteworthy accomplishments, EWUA produces and distributes less water to its members (about 50M gallons in 2019) than it did 15 years ago (about 70M gallons), while the number of members with connections to EWUA increased by about 50%. This incredible achievement is only possible when a leader holds a relentless passion for water conservation, distribution system integrity (reducing leaks), and an insatiable drive to assist homeowners in reducing leaks on the members side of the water meter. We appreciate all that Paul has done and wish him the very best in the next phase of life,” said Joe Cohen, current president of EWUA’s Board of Director.

Kamin was brought to the island to run YMCA’s Camp ORKILA, which he did for four years before he assumed the role of GM at Eastsound Water. Since that date Kamin has been responsible for several notable advancements in both the water system and the Association itself on behalf of the membership.

“Working with the Eastsound Water members, the staff and Board has provided a great opportunity to be part of the unique culture that exists on Orcas Island.    It’s been a pleasure to be part of an organization committed to excellence, and member service.  The island has been a great place for our family, and Orcas will always hold a special place in our hearts.” said Kamin on the eve of his retirement.

Dan Burke was most recently involved with the startup team at Rock Island, the internet subsidy of OPALCO. Over the five years he was with the company he helped build and manage different parts of the business including organizing fiber groups, rolling out the LTE Fixed Wireless product, building the T-Mobile retail store, the Business Solutions division, the 24/7/365 Tech Support team and more.

“Paul has done amazing work here at Eastsound Water. He is a consummate professional, an expert in the water industry and is a value asset to our community. He will be missed. I am excited to be here and look forward to serving the Association in the years to come.”

Kamin will finish out the year training Burke and will be moving back to Connecticut in January. It is with deep gratitude that the staff, Board and the Association say goodbye and thank you to Paul for all the years of loyal service.